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Jemele Hill still speaking her mind, this time on podcast

Apr 13, 2019

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill is speaking her mind in a new Spotify podcast.

Students at Mormon-owned BYU urge honor code compassion

Apr 12, 2019

Several hundred students at Mormon-owned Brigham Young University held a protest Friday to push college officials to be more compassionate about honor code rule punishments

Amazon: Woody Allen's #MeToo comments wrecked movie deal

Apr 12, 2019

An Amazon lawyer says Woody Allen breached his four-movie deal with the online giant by making statements about the #MeToo movement that damaged prospects for promoting his films

EU official: New US privacy law won't copy European regime

Apr 12, 2019

One of the European officials in charge of a tough data privacy law says legislation now poised to emerge in the US won't be a copy of the EU's regime and will reflect American cultural values

Germany, France offer to take over 40 migrants from NGO ship

Apr 12, 2019

Germany and France say that they are prepared to take in more than half of the rescued migrants on board a rescue ship in the Mediterranean that was on its ninth day at sea

The Masters drawing that helped end a prison term

Apr 12, 2019

How an inmate's drawing of Augusta's 12th hole wound up overturning his wrongful conviction after 27 years in Attica

Police: Pair made laxative cookies for striking workers

Apr 12, 2019

Authorities in Ohio say a couple made laxative-laced cookies for striking school employees because they were tired of noise coming from the picket line near their home

Injured gymnast: 'My pain is not your entertainment'

Apr 12, 2019

A college gymnast is asking social media to stop sharing the video of her devastating leg injuries because "my pain is not your entertainment."

The Latest: Lawyer: Avenatti victim destitute after theft

Apr 12, 2019

A lawyer for a paralyzed man says his client is destitute after attorney Michael Avenatti stole most of a $4 million court settlement

US: Avenatti deceived to prevent 'house of cards' collapse

Apr 12, 2019

Federal prosecutors have described Michael Avenatti as a scheming lawyer who bilked clients, cheated on his taxes and shuffled money between accounts and businesses to avoid being caught

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